Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you DIY?

What do you make yourself? What repairs will you never pay someone to do on your home or your car? Would you rather bake bread than buy it from the grocery store?

I know I have a long list of things I can make, do and create. Besides my creative out put of sewing, knitting, leatherworking, etc, I also know my way around a handful of handy house repairs. I find power and immense satisfaction in knowing that I can replace a sink, repair holes in drywall and clean out my own gutters. Besides saving money, which is a plus, don't get me wrong, fixing things myself is a reward. Since buying my house a year ago (cripes! has it been that long?!) I've truly become more aware of how rewarding fixing things myself can be. I got lucky, the house is in great condition, so nothing needed to be repaired-fixed, but in the style fix arena, this place needed HELP!

The biggest thing I've done so far, aside from painting walls and the front door, is install a new bathroom sink. Three... maybe four trips to the Hardware store and some Stress later, I have a sink that suits our tastes and the small bathroom space. Sure, I could've saved time and swearing by having someone else do it, but my pride gets to me. I'm proud of my house, and want every opportunity to make myself prouder by doing things myself.

Should I mention that doing things myself has been a life long theme of mine? Like the time I was in kindergarten and told my babysitter that no thank you, I can clean my room myself... I'm sure it was a disaster area. I'm sure it would've taken much less time if she had helped, but even then I knew the satisfaction of standing back from a job well done.

Or whatever it is that goes through independent small children's heads!

So there you have it, I make things because the process of making is what makes me rediculously happy, and I hope to someday spend my days making, instead of scheduling it in after work. I repair and improve house things because it is MY house, and I like saying that. And I make bread because it is easy, and so darn GOOD!

and P.S. today's post is brought to you by Tara's post on Scoutie Girl- a fab blog you should check out!

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