Thursday, January 1, 2015

Moving on

It's past time for a change... I'm moving on to, and hope you'll join me! 

Happiest of New Years!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Echo and Blaze

The echos of your younger self, the future.  The call of things unknown; the whisper of knowledge bone deep. Of what is, what could be, how many choices lead to this bypass?

Hand-dyed wool, cotton stitches, glass beads and 100 vintage sequins, nestled into the hollow

Burn bright, embrace the embers that must form. Grey against the bright blue,green,orange flames. Keep making, keep dreaming, keep yourself close. 

Hand-dyed wool, cotton stitches, glass beads. 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

A new way to see

I gifted myself a 50mm lens last month.  It feels good to learn about my camera again.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tonight was a tricky night for photography, so I will try again later this week.  These sweeties were a bit shy and wouldn't hold still for me tonight. 

(The ones that worked made it to Flickr. )

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cabin Fever Cookies

Written last night.... 

There’s snow on the ground, and there’s more on the way, if you believe the weather channel.  So we’re on playing it safe and working from home. Which meant we needed cookies, right? Right! Yay!  I made these last night, on a whim, with no recipe except what I remember from other cookies I make.   You know, like interpretive dance? You know the moves, but it’s up to you what you do with them? Yes?

Anyway… We played around with clever names for a while, but got stuck on poo jokes alarmingly quickly, and so we stopped thinking and just ate them.  And really, they’re not the prettiest cookies, but don’t judge them, really, they are delicious. Not too sweet, the nuts add a great toasty flavor, and please, buy yourself nice chocolate, these are treats, not granola bars. Buy your favorite kind of milk too, the cookies deserve a good dunk, and so do you!

Cabin Fever Cookies - or- Chocolate Nut Cookies

1 ½ cups old fashioned oats, run through the food processor for a few whirls
+ one handful of non-diced oats
½ cup flour ( I used white, but plan on trying wheat next time… I think it might amp up the nutty goodness)
½ cup roasted, chopped almonds (again, I ran them in the food processor to save time…)
½ cup brown sugar
¾ tsp baking powder
¾ tsp baking soda
1 tbsp dark cocoa
¾ tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon

2 eggs
6 ozish chocolate ( I used 60% cocoa bittersweet chips) - melted on a double broiler
3 tbsp butter - melt in with chocolate to save a bowl
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup milk, if things looks a little dry ( I added a little too much, and had to add more oats to glue everything back together), add in a tablespoon at a time.

Oven - 375
Bigger cookes - 10 min
Smaller- 8 min

Put the chocolate and butter over a double boiler, set around medium heat. Keep checking on it, stir it around to help it melt evenly
Mix all the dry ingredients up in a large bowl, including nuts ( I ended up adding a handful of chopped pecans too, because… there’s snow… yeah, that’s it. Snow.)
Add the eggs, vanilla and chocolate mixture to the bowl, stir until everything is combined.  Add milk if it’s acting more like a bread dough than a cookie dough.  I was looking for an easy-to-ball consistency, tending towards the thicker side.

Big cookies were around 2 inch balls, smallers were maybe 1ish.  They’re tall to start, and don’t spread a lot, which is always a bonus for me.  


Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Fringe

This bag has been percolating in my heart for quite a while... months, easily. It was cut free-form, no pattern, planning and stitching as it came together. I used a ruler 2 times, only when necessary to the purse's stability.

Intuition lead the charge. Hand punched holes, stitched one by one with red nylon thread. Fringe, moving and swaying as I cut each strip. The tassel, added to the bottom for even more movement and a touch of weight.

The result, an across the body purse, made of the softest sea foam-blue leather. Secured with stitching and rivets, a veggie tanned strap, left nearly naked to encourage patina & age, woven through the sides. More stitching, echoing heart beats, more fringe swaying down the side.

This bag is for one who rocks in her walk, is smooth & tough, full of determination. She walks straight and tall, confident, at the end of the day, that she will survive it all.

Doves were in my heart with every moment.