Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall flower

Here she is dear folk, my first belt. A labor of love for sure, but also determination. Mostly against the fact that I don't have the right tools to set snaps myself right now, which nearly put a damper on a small section of excitement. But luckily I got through that, and if I may say so myself, quite cleverly too!

She's a peachy thing, a delicate strength. I kept the imperfections in the leather when I was planning this belt out (if you'd call pretty holes and tears that). I kept them because they presented a bit of a design challenge, and tons of interest.

I said I planned this belt out.

That may be an overstatement. I redrew the flower over and over, but that's where it stopped. And that only happened because I got a lucky, sudden wind of perfectionism. I kept trying on the leather as I cut it. I probably
should've made a template. I probably should have practiced painting the flower on scrap leather first. Probably should've is boring.
I like -no- absolutely adore to the tippy top that I can work so intuitively with leather. Knitting takes a lot of planning some days. There's gauge, fit, stitches, patterns, cables... Lots has to be planned out. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants. Leather kindly allows this raucous behavior.

There will be a second belt soon, and more cuffs, all with the same guitar strap woven closures. I adore this solution, and am happy that it has come to satisfaction so quickly. Happy October to you all, may your pumpkins be orange and your beer pumpkin flavored.


  1. This belt absolutely ROCKS. I think the flower is perfection!!

  2. Yesss!!!! Keep it up, sweet girl - you're doing fantastic things!! :) xoxoxo

  3. this is so gorgeous! Like hearing about the process you went thru for your piece!

  4. Thanks ladies! Blogger has been mean to me and won't let me comment back, let's see if this new setting will work!

    your lovely words mean the world to me!

    xox cat