Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop Update!

I just added a goodly number of bracelets/cuffs to the shop! It feels so good to share these pieces with you!

I'll be back in the studio tomorrow, I have new ideas and can't wait to show you! I'm really shakin' those tail feathers lately and am loving it. Even with the most recent learning curves dumping me in the ditch, I'm pleased with what I'm doing and how I'm adapting. I learned I need a rivet/snap press. badly. But I won't let it keep me down, it actually turned out to be a better thing that I can't put in a pretty snap to save my life.

UGH! I was going to show you the new design I made this week, the whole thing is hand made, there's no metal at all! BUT blogger is being super weird-snafooie and it won't let open the photo add page. It has been doing it all weekend so far, and I had to switch from one internet thingy to the other, and that seemed to work until now. Boo!

I'll just take it as a sign to go to bed. I'll try again in the morning.

sweet dreams!

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