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The Respite
Transformational Yoga - Restorative, gentle, meditative movement. Learn to move with your breath, to use your breath and body to move through tension and stress.
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Tuesdays at 6:30 at 4919 Monroe Road

Available Workshops

Restorative Yoga Workshop
Rough week? Stayed out too late on Friday? This workshop combines a calm and uplifting flow with restorative poses woven throughout.  Come slow down, restore and reflect in this beginner friendly class.  It’s also great for anyone with injuries, movement limitations and anyone else looking to rest and stretch at the same time. 

Mandala Mediation Workshop
Looking for a new way to travel on your yoga journey?  Do you need to get your creative juices flowing? Join the group to settle in, breathe, and color your page with your true intentions. Learn to channel your inspiration in meditation using mandalas to help inform your practice.  This workshop is open to all artistic abilities, especially if you haven't picked up a crayon since third grade!   No experience necessary! Just bring your open mind, favorite supplies if you have them ( paper and painting supplies will be provided)


When I rediscovered yoga, my goal was not enlightenment. An old injury had flared up and led to surgery. Hoping to avoid that sort of discomfort again I grabbed my mat, found a studio, and began to practice. I began to feel better and soon teamed up with a friend and we committed to practice together. (yoga + buddies = brilliant!)

I found strength, focus, and a calm I had thought I could only find after hours of work on an art project. You could call it peace. It became important to me to share what I had found, and so began my training with Stephanie Keach, at the Asheville Yoga Center.

A childhood book planted the seed. Miss Alice Rumphius was told by her grandfather that she could, indeed, travel to far away places, and then grow old and live by the sea, but she must also do something to make the world more beautiful. Her answer was to spread lupine seeds as she walked, sowing color and joy. My answer is to teach yoga. My hope is that by helping people find their own strength and peace the way will be cleared for each to find his or her own answer.


  1. I love this.
    I hope many people benefit from your dropped seeds...

    1. Thank you Dee! Teaching has become far more rewarding that I ever anticipated. I adore it!