Sunday, September 12, 2010

a simple saturday

Ha! Take that internet! Here is my fanciest, most handmade (as in, I cut it out of a bigger piece, designed, tooled and antiqued it all with these two hands!!) cuff yet! I didn't realize, but the "clasp" is just like a design people use to make guitar straps. SL pointed it out and I'm still pleased! I can't wait to make another one, it was so fun to get into some thicker leather!

Yesterday I took a drive out to the closest mountain and hiked my way up it. It was incredibly lovely, not too hot, lots of dreamy breezes once I climbed high enough. And the people. They become my favorite thing somedays, everyone smiles and says hello and offers advice on where the next hike should be. They don't want you to miss out on anything. I love it. I took gads and gads of photos, but I'll share just a few with you.

A wee nut of the most chartreusey chartreuse on a surprisingly red leaf.

As I was about to climb up over some rocks (they were part of the trail! I couldn't belive how lucky I was! Getting to climb on rocks because thats the way to go!) so yes, climbing up rocks and I happened to look to my right and was about knocked down by these sweet purple berries. I never expect to see purple while I'm hiking, it was a treat! Does anyone know what they are?
And here's the view. I wish you could have felt the breeze in your hair. It was something else.

And now, I'll leave you with some conjoined mushrooms. I took a bunch of shroomie photos, they have such interesting textures and shapes!

So that was my Saturday morning. How was yours?

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