Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've been working! Really!

I set a snap! Hooray!!!! Thanks to some lovely advice from this fabulous lady, I bought the right setting tool and can't wait to get the back logs of ideas out of my head and onto leather! ( do go visit, she has a sale and a contest going on right now!)
 This baby is the tester, I think she looks a bit like a sea horse, don't you think?

 This cuff will be finished soon, I have to sew the flower on, cut it out, and set the snap! YAY SNAPS!
And here's a little fox, the photo is crappy, I know, but I'm very excited about him! And his brother, he got a daytime scene!  I'll take better photos this weekend and pop them into the shop!

Hope you're having a wonderful evening! It's raining right now, I love the sound of raindrops on leaves, but I do hope the wind doesn't get too crazy!