Monday, October 4, 2010

thank goodness for crisp air

Fall may have finally settled in around here. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, in case the heat re-surges. But the air is crisp and cool. The windows are open, light and freshness are soaking into The Bungalow. Contentment is oozing through me. I wonder if it's too soon to pull out my sweaters from the tub they've slept in all summer.

Water is put on to boil, I'm drinking the next to last bag of a hibiscus tea sent by a dear friend out in the midwest. I taste the difference between two local honeys, and am pleased the new jar tastes even more delicious than the last. I love my local honey. My trusty aqua mug awaits it's fill.

There's a chipmunk on a rock in my neighbor's driveway. I wonder if it is one that lives under the house, I've always loved those little creatures. They seem part sparrow, part squirrel. I hope it has enough acorns stored up for winter. I hope the leaves start changing soon. I need to clean the gutters out so they can be refilled by this season's leaves. I will have the fireplace checked out and wood ordered this year. There will be pillows and blankets in front of crackling fires this year.

How I relish this season.

This photo is from last year. yes, I did wear a skirt whilst cleaning gutters atop the Bungalow. You should try it!

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