Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Busy

I've made two new cuffs... They're for you. I've finally rounded out this style and it is time to present it properly!  The Guitar Strap collection, if you will. I've cut each one out individually, and tooled them carefully and with much thought.

The first is a brilliant dark brown, honeyed in the center, and it simply shines.

This second one is my favorite saddle brown caramel color.  I adore this color, and am on a quest to find boots to match.  It's the same color as my Fall Flower belt.

Here are the first available to you, on the dear Etsy Shop.  Because these are so special to me, I'm going to offer free shipping to you, my blog readers!  Just mention that you're following the blog in the "notes to seller" and I'll refund the shipping charge via PayPal when your payment is received!  Easy as pie, that is!

Speaking of pie, I made the first apple pie of the fall season, mmmmm good!  Sadly, it was torn into before I could take a photo and it's just not presentable now.  My "secret" ingredient is freshly ground ginger root, about a thumb-sized piece.  And lemon, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla.  All tucked into a homemade crust, you can't go wrong! I can't wait to make another, though I do try to wait for events and dinner visits to make pie, or else I'd be eating nothing but for months!

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  1. So unique, so gorgeous: you are on to something wonderful - love them!!