Saturday, January 29, 2011

A studio needs...

Good, sturdy, functional pieces of furniture. 

Not just metal shelves, mind you.  I was beginning to get frustrated with my storage in the studio room... The shelves were functional, but not pretty, not inspiring. The bags and baskets my yarn lived in weren't conducive to finding things easily.  The crap was literally piling up on the other shelves.  I wish I had taken a before photo, but trust me, it wasn't pretty! 

May I now introduce to you, in his shining glory, 
Gustav, the curio cabinet of yarny wonder. 

 Now, when I want to start something new, I need only to walk into the studio, open the doors and breath in the warm sent of wool. Ah, yes, this makes me quite happy! Though I now realize I need a new pretty shelf to go with him.  And Dearie DEAR does this poor room need to be repainted!!!  

Any suggestions? What colors inspire you?

Isn't he glorious?  (In case you're wondering, no, I don't usually name furniture, but this is a special piece who demanded extra accolades.)


  1. "Gustav" is the perfect name.

  2. perfect name.
    perfect description.
    you did well.
    [your studio room looks absolutely wonderful to my eyes!]


  3. MAGENTA!!!!!!

    And that stack of yarn looks incredible. Just incredible.

  4. PLUME! haha, that's going to be the color of our living room!!!! Maybe the studio should be plum?!?


  5. I think any color you choose would be glorious! I love it.

    kathleen xx

  6. sunshine yellow=happy & inspiring!