Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Practical Craft

I have realized lately, once again, that I don't use things unless I can see them. This includes my modest jewelry collection, which I adore.  I'm a sucker for original, quirky things, and have been expanding my bauble horizon since I realized how much fun big, dangling earrings and huge rings are.  

I found this former utensil organizer at one of our thrift stores, added hooks, a few more shelves (2 layers of balsa wood) and spray painted it a glossy white.  It looks quite peachy against the teal of our bedroom.  In all, it cost less than $15 for sure, probably more like 10, but I can't remember how much the hooks & paint were. 

Extra bonus, Fidgit can't get to it!


  1. Love it! When I organize my jewelry better I will post mine. I have a similar setup with a more abstract feel to it. So glad you are posting again and Happy New Year!

    Ps. I think I see my earrings!

    Kathleen xx

  2. Thanks!! It feels good to be posting again. I can't wait to see your version! The only problem is now I want to cover my walls with glossy white boxes...

    and YES you do see your earrings! I love them!

  3. Love it - what a creative idea. For years I've kept my jewelry in bowls on my dresser but now the jewelry is starting to fall out of the bowls. Hmmm...

    Also obsessed with your wall color!! And last but not least - love your bicycle necklace. Please wear it soon;)