Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

Snow has been coming down steadily in Charlotte since early early this morning.  It's stopped for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it started back up again before the night is done. I took a break from office work (the drag of technology is that I don't have to miss a day, but then I get stuck inside looking at all the lovely snow. boo le hoo) to wander outside.

I love the snow. 

 It makes our house even more cozy looking.


 Jillian, these remind me of your dangling bits of beads and coral. I wish I had the supplies to make miles in imitations of this plant.

 Sweet little acorn cups.

oh, oh so much.


  1. so cozy! you take gorgeous photos. xoxo

  2. oh, my.
    i love your snow photos.
    even better than i love my own snow photos!

    xx from alaska. [smile]

  3. Marie Bell, thank you! You Alaskans know snow, I appreciate it!

    Shel- wish we lived close enough to walk and share cocoa!

  4. I love that everything's snow covered. Lovely day!