Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Secret project time!

It is time to tell you ALL about  that mysterious yarn that's been popping up on the blog the past few months. 

I work at a yarn shop on certain weekends, Charlotte Yarn to be exact. And pretty much the entire time I've worked here, the owner, Remi and I have talked about having me dye custom colors for the shop.

AND WE FINALLY DID IT! She ordered the yarn, and I got to business.  It's now on sale at Charlotte Yarn and I can't be more pleased!  We fashioned this line around the empolyees that make CY what it is. It has taken us two years to get here, and it has been well worth the wait!

Without further ado, I give you "The Girls"

 I cannot express how thrilling this project has been.  I never expected to be dying this MUCH yarn in my wee kitchen. I dreamed of it, certainly. I wish you had been there to see everyone's face when I unveiled the yarn! That was the best part. 
Thank you Remi, for this wonderful opportunity!!!

The stats:
100% Merino Wool (so SOFT and Squishy!)
I love working on my scarf and can not wait for it to be done!
250 yds
17sts x 21 rows = 4" on a US 8 knitting needle

 Ravelry Link is HERE... photos to be added as soon as I have the yarn hooked to my profile!

 If you’d like a skein of your own, stop by or call Charlotte Yarn at 704-373-7442 during store hours. You can leave a message if you call outside of hours but quantities are limited! I am only one woman with lots of crafting to do! (oh, and the "regular" job...boo) EEEEP!  So exciting!!!

If you miss out, you can always put your name on the list for a skein from the next batch, which I hope will have to come soon!

It’s $14.95 a skein (that is important thing to mention, isn't it?)

And thanks to Cristi for the great photos she took while in the shop!


  1. makes me want to knit myself a scarf! beautiful!

  2. Do it lady! We can make knitting dates AND yoga dates then ;)

  3. knitting is one of my interests.
    always wanting a new yarn contact.
    lovely colours....!

  4. I saw these in the shop today. They're gorgeous! And I find it hilarious that there's some friendly rivalry among the staff as to whose personal colorways are selling best. Heh.

  5. Thanks Heather! I saw you walking to the shop as I was leaving today. Would've shouted hello, but my window on that side doesn't go down at the moment! Glad you like them all!