Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The thoughts of the day

I'm tired. I was victim to the Ick last week, and I'll spare you the details, but I'm still not 100%.  The drainage is awe-striking in its determination to stick around. Sigh. I get sick so rarely, I forget how much time it takes for my body to righten itself after going all wonky-like. 

Either way, I started tooling a new belt last night before I went to yoga (which helped SO much!) 
But the more importantly, the belt is for someone out there who is not me!  I'm very excited to present a woven belt on my etsy shop, the one I made myself (as most prototypes are) is very special to me.  I hope that once this beauty is finished, you'll find it just as lovely and soul strengthening as I find mine.

In the mean time, this cuff will hit the shop this weekend, I just need to measure it so you can make sure it fits you... It's small on me, so I'm guessing it runs somewhere around a 7 to 6.5" wrist.  (yes, I apparently have MONSTER wrists... and fingers, but hey, it has some advantages!)

hope you have a wonderful night. Love you all!