Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hoping the cold stays

I love cold weather. This fall has been frustrating in that regard.  It's still warm enough down here that I don't need a coat, and can only get away with wearing tights because it's chilly in the morning and freezing in the office.

Sigh... A wool lover's hell is a warm fall.  But I'm not letting it keep me down! Noooo Sirreee Bob! I've got 2 sweaters on the needles!  One is a mindless, stockinett stitch in the round deal, and the other... oh the other is a dream in sweet wool.  Cables, cardigan, pretty grey heather wool yarn, big needles.  Perfection. 

I've gotten through almost half the back, and am well in the swing of the cable patterns.  I love cables, don't you?

xoxox Have a splendid day!

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