Sunday, November 14, 2010

A next step

I worked my fingers off last week.  And then forgot to take photos of everything I had made before I went and showed it to a wonderful shop in town. 

You've seen this cuff before, it now lives on the wrist of an amazing woman who is giving me a chance to get my work in front of people.  This is important, I do enjoy the ease of etsy, but it is also frustrating.  It's saturated in awesome, and I haven't yet found how to scratch that surface.  It may come, it may not.  I think that selling into shops and at shows is better for me. It makes me happier to KNOW someone will see what I'm doing.  That they can pick a cuff up, turn it in their hands and know that someone local made it.  I love local things.  I love touching the work of artists I might pass on the street unknowingly.

After a long and good (good) talk with H. discussing the merits of some pieces over others, figuring out pricing; I now have a handful of cuffs waiting for their new owners at Boris + Natasha!! I am so lucky to have a quirky, super stylish place like this in town. I can't find their link right now but if you're ever in the Queen City and need some serious good looks, I can only recommend this shop. 

It is a great validation for me, to have a business owner who I trust and adore not only want to sell my work, but also name the same prices I was a little too shy to claim.  Pricing, as anyone trying to sell anything, is the hardest part of creating most days.  She's owned B +N for at least 10 years, she knows what sells, and at what prices, it was just so great to have someone who isn't a close friend or family member get so excited about what I'm doing!
I am terribly excited about this step.  It feels like my first "big girl step" into the world of making what I love. I feel so good down in my heart about this journey. Creating with leather is incredibly rewarding, and this is just a gold star right on top of a cherry sundae.

Wishing all of you the best Sunday afternoon ever!  I'm off to dye yarn and take photos and roam through my mind and enjoy the day.