Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A trip away

Keeps the doldrums away.

Shawn and I turned an errand trip into a wee adventure full of leather, driving, heat, antiques and some dust. You can't have antiques without dust, you know. 

Here's a slice of the road.  

 There were hand-painted signs and cheap-omatic awesome old film.
 To die for desk bases

 This sweet chair almost came home with us... but then it made a SCARY- totally going to fall apart- noise when I sat down and tried to lean back.

 This Fire King souvenir mug and bowling ball case did come home with us though!
 Ahh... old radios are the prettiest machines...

 I regret a bit that I did not take this feather pillbox hat home... oh well, maybe next time!

I was too distracted to take photos in the leather warehouse, but really I wish I could capture the smell of the place... Heavenly I tell you! I've already cut into it to make a sweet clutch, will have some progress soon!