Monday, May 9, 2011

A simple bag

That turned into my working meditation for the month. I found myself in full artist-hermit mode the past few weeks, working only on this dear project... Even as others that needed to be worked on stared patiently from their side of my work bench.

And now... she is finished. Riveted, sewn, tooled, painted, buckled, primrosed and loved.

The words are "Let us go then, you and I..." from T. S. Elliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. I've always loved this poem, and then one of my brothers studied and memorized it.  Hearing his voice (I'm quite chuffed that he's my brother- quite clever that one - though they all are, my siblings) recite the words, I loved it even more. It seemed fitting, to put this line on a bag that will travel with me. I will go with it and chase the fog in the cities, the mist in the mountains, and feel the breeze carry sweet scents.


  1. I already told you so....but I love it!

  2. Holy crap!! It's so freaking beautiful!!

  3. After seeing this piece in person, I can safely say that these photos DO NOT do it justice. This is such a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. Lovely work, as always, crafted by a lovely girl.

  4. Isn't it kind of crazy how a bag takes over your life?
    It consumes for the better part of a month.

    I am so glad someone else knows this feeling :)

    Here's to many more!


  5. holy moley. that bag is awesome. the inside lining is out of this world. you gave birth to an art piece...that happens to be a bag. congratulations!

  6. Beautiful as always. Prufrock is one of my favorites. "The women come and go, talkimg of Michaelangelo" this explains why I don't go to huge parties filled with people I don't know.