Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dropping in

Hello, I've been busy with life these past weeks.  Work, life after work, finishing cuffs and making plans for new ones.  I've got a clutch purse in the order pile I am super excited about. Though I have to go to the warehouse and purchase more leather.  I can't believe how much of my last piece I've used up!  I'm proud of how small it has gotten.  I am tempted to make a small purse, just to use it up.  To say I've finished it.  Leathercraft is a beautiful force for my muse. I can't keep my mind and hands away for too long.

I don't have  photos now, but I will soon, when the light is better.

sweet dreams!


  1. you do such beautiful work. i enjoy leatherwork myself and really wish i had more time for it. :-)