Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sales! Sales! Sales!

Remember this post?  Well! Angela over at Artist's House has out done herself and has created the sweetest page for all of us in the blog hop to advertise our December sales! Please check them out, there's a lot of good stuff, and great discounts and free shipping too!

Take a peek!  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I really kept meaning to hop in here and tell you about what's going on, but I keep getting distracted!  I've been squirreling away, enjoying the cold weather (finally!) There's been lots of yoga, some sewing and knitting, and of course, leather. 

I have been busy making things for the shop though!  I just updated it with a few of my most favorite things so far.  And check back later this week - I'm very happy to say that I've finally finished a second woven flower belt! For you! The only problem is that I get home after dark these days, and it deserves a proper photo shoot.  Luckily for everyone, I took this Friday off of work! Which means plenty of daylight hours to photograph! Hooray! 
I couldn't leave you without a sneak peek, could I??? 

Speaking of Friday... it happens to be my birthday! It is good to give, and since you guys are so swell for reading this wee blog and being so lovely and encouraging, I'm doing another sale! You'll get 15% off when you use the code HAPPYHAPPY as you check out of the etsy shop (more cheering!!!)  I'll keep the code active until Monday, which gives everyone plenty of time to take a peek!  And I'll do my best to keep updating the shop this week, look for more this weekend for sure! 

xoxoxox hope you're happy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneak Peek! Part Two!!!

This sweater is finished now, I've worn it for the past two days and I really need to block the sleeves a bit longer... but then I'd have to wait for it to dry!!! Whaaaa! 

The secret yarn project:  

Only four more to go!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home, and some work

 The new wood floor is peeking through, didn't they do a great job?

The china cabinet, all full of old and pretty things. (See the purple front door in the background?  My fuchsia door is it's daughter.

The greeter. I love him, want to steal him. 

 The big dipper to help you find your way home... I kind of want to embroider the star lines, what do you think?  A silvery thread would be used. Or is it good and simple the way it is now?
 The manatee. I want to swim with them someday. I've made a second one, the leather in this one wasn't a good choice on my part, it's not sturdy as I'd like it.

I have a few more cuffs to photograph, some to stain and paint and snapify. They'll be up here & in the shop soon. I love the winter, but this whole lack of daylight is killing my photo time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On thinking of Fear

Dear Sunny posted her wonderful thoughts on fear today.  Please read her words, they are beautiful and true.

She made me think of my own fears, most of those thoughts centered around making art. 

The drive that makes me create is also what holds me back from sharing my work. Oh, but the fear of a frown can keep me (and any artist, I think.) from showing my hand. Leatherwork has been the most encouraging art I have found yet.  I am braver with it somehow. Working catches my soul up so hugely that I have to share, no matter what.  It excites me that this fear of sharing has come to sit by me, and that in acknowledging its presence, I can push myself to show my work.  To DO something with it, instead of packing things away, like a squirrel.   I have bags of finished embroideries that only need frames, knit things that need photos... so many sketchbooks, endless ideas that never came to light, for fear of others' thoughts.

Fear is not something to be ashamed of having, so long as it is noted with honesty, and spoken of. It is what has kept us alive.  Keeping us from running across a busy street, encouraging us to smell the milk before taking a drink, to slather sunscreen on our skin.  It can be an asset. 

It can hold us back from pursuing our dreams. Not wanting to fail is a huge fear of everyone's. It is at the top of my list, that's for sure.  I worry. And fret. And fear. I could choose to go no further, to stay in safety, or venture out and explore the path ahead.  I am pushing forward with fear, I am tired of this place and need to move.

I take a deep breath, and take fear by the hand and thank it for it's help. I turn to courage, and it takes my hand and we jump in head first. There is a balance, and too much of either can crush a soul (or body!) Writing to you helps line up the fears I can move past. Thank you for reading this, it helps to say things, doesn't it? Especially when you say them to someone else - not just the cat. I am not going to reread this post and edit it. It is one I could comb over for hours. Here are my thoughts, I hope they reach you well.  

Speak your fears, or they may tie you down. 

Love to you all.