Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home, and some work

 The new wood floor is peeking through, didn't they do a great job?

The china cabinet, all full of old and pretty things. (See the purple front door in the background?  My fuchsia door is it's daughter.

The greeter. I love him, want to steal him. 

 The big dipper to help you find your way home... I kind of want to embroider the star lines, what do you think?  A silvery thread would be used. Or is it good and simple the way it is now?
 The manatee. I want to swim with them someday. I've made a second one, the leather in this one wasn't a good choice on my part, it's not sturdy as I'd like it.

I have a few more cuffs to photograph, some to stain and paint and snapify. They'll be up here & in the shop soon. I love the winter, but this whole lack of daylight is killing my photo time!

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