Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rolling in the new year

Light pushes out the dark, one roll at a time. 

I've been painting my studio, and finally, bit by bit, it's starting to become finished. As finished as a studio can be.  I don't have enough room to pull everything out form the walls at once, so I'm doing this in sections.  A little more each day, until my hand can't take it any more. Then let it dry, push the furniture back almost to the wall, pull another piece out, clear the wall, trim and paint. Repeat. I'm over half way done, and fingers crossed, the end of the week will see the end of the nasty grey walls!  I'll do the trim in the spring, when I can open windows, since the trim has all been painted with oil based paints (SMELLY PANTS!)

It feels better already.

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