Thursday, January 5, 2012

On squirreling away

My studio is nearly painted, and right now it is very clean and even organized! While all the shuffling of things and shelves happened, something came to light. I've noticed that when I begin a new technique or craft a certain urge comes over me. I keep every. last. bit. of whatever the material may be.  Let's go through some things I found while cleaning out...

Bits of yarn stuffed in to bags? 
Are they too small to do anything with?
I don't know what you mean by this.   In English, please.

A drawer full of leather pieces?
The little skinny strips MUST be good for something, right? 
I can always use the itty bitty squares and shapes to make pendents, right?

BAGS of embroidery floss
I'll get to them someday, really! It's quite handy to have around!

Fabric scraps
Let's not talk about those...

Oh! Don't forget the paper collection!
And the beads!
And the everything elses! 

It felt good to go through these collections of mine, thin them out, get realistic about what can be used, what needs to get tossed.  

This box, for instance, is only mostly full now!

I went through everything, tossing the crumbs and putting things into craft bags for friends. It felt good, lightening the load.

Well, everything except the embroidery floss. That's supposed to be in small bits, and you need every color, and in triplicate.  Am I right, or am I right?!?


  1. Totally.

    I have been an artist my whole life. It has taken many forms...I have decided with the help of a few trusted friends {and my Mom, of course} to choose which things I am a) best at & b) enjoy doing the most, to focus on. Everything else is being removed from my home. I have decided to never make another card, so all that stuff, minus a few bottles of pretty glitter, has been handed to someone who makes cards everyday. She made me a vegetarian supper as "payment".

    Oddly it feels good to give up on something. No more guilt about the languishing supplies...Extra space for things relevant.

    Keep it up...The lightening...