Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two for me...

Here are two of my most favorite pieces yet.  I'm making similar things for you out there right now, but these, as the first realizations of the ideas, are mine.  I usually keep the first in a series... That way I can always look back at where I started from, and see where I've come to.

I save things, always have.  I still have paintings from preschool in Connecticut tucked away in my mom's house.  Swaths of color, many with a small fuzzy bunny sticker popped on it. A title on the back, dictated by my little self, Mom's handwriting, which is cropping up in my own style more and more these days... Do you see your parents' handwriting in your own? Depending on the day, I usually pen notes in a strange combination of both of my parent's style. It's interesting, considering they look NOTHING alike!

wow. tangent!  

 On to the goodies...

I need to find more stones that are big enough for this... I also need to relearn how to bezel set stones. 

 Full of strength. This is the honkin'est piece of jewelry I have ever made. I love it.

Have a wonderful, tea filled, happy Sunday! 


  1. Cat - these are both so lovely! Is the second one about flames? Cause it could also be really pretty in purples and bluuuuuues. :) Have a great and creative April! - Crysta

  2. Crysta! you read my mine, I'm making one with the same design and am torn between greens or purples...

    When you hit NC someday, stay with us, OK?


  3. So wonderful to see your sweet face!!!!

    STITCHED STONE!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

  4. the colors, the detail, and beauty! I really like the stones being set in the leather. nice touch.