Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Echo and Blaze

The echos of your younger self, the future.  The call of things unknown; the whisper of knowledge bone deep. Of what is, what could be, how many choices lead to this bypass?

Hand-dyed wool, cotton stitches, glass beads and 100 vintage sequins, nestled into the hollow

Burn bright, embrace the embers that must form. Grey against the bright blue,green,orange flames. Keep making, keep dreaming, keep yourself close. 

Hand-dyed wool, cotton stitches, glass beads. 



  1. a couple of very spectacular and artistic pieces from you, dear cat….
    love the deep dark rich colours, the bits of texture and sparkle.
    love it all.

  2. Will you be offering any of your pods for sale? They're incredible art forms.

    1. Yes! Soon, I hope- Are there any calling to you? :)

    2. Oh man, The Heart, The Fading, and The Echo are all strong favorites. I don't know quite what it is about these sculptures, but they speak.