Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Teaing

I love my Saturday mornings. I can wake without an alarm, make eggs and tea. Puttering about putting pieces of the house back in order - today it was one corner of the kitchen. And perhaps the fridge will get cleaned out too.  Eventually I'll be teaching yoga to some beautiful souls and then who knows what... I love my full mornings and unplanned days.

This teacup came home with me after the Metrolina antique show last month, darling, no?  I may have to collect a few more... I've filled her with this chai, it is so easy and delicious. I added nutmeg and cinnamon to the list of spices, and left out the peppercorns.

Have a beautiful day! Happy December!


  1. Well, clearly today (kind of horrible so far) is a day to make homemade chai. And I am putting corners of the house back together as well. At the moment, I'm finally cleaning my dehydrator from the August/September extravaganza.

    1. I think nearly every day- good or bad- deserves homemade chai. I hope it perks your day up, clean corners usually help too! :)

  2. I covet my friend's teacup - a sin!!;) xo