Saturday, April 14, 2012

To market, to market!

In the excitement, I've forgotten to tell you something Fantastic! I've been accepted as a vendor at the iamarket in Fayetteville, NC in May!  Eeek!  This will be my first professional show, it was judged and everything!

I've been busy as a bee since I got the news, which is why its been so quite around these parts.  I've been cutting, tooling, and stitching like a mad woman!  It's so nice to have a deadline sometimes!  And then I went and agreed to do a little local show at Snug Harbor next week, on the 22nd so that will be interesting...  So far, I have been making for the sake of making, it's been fascinating working towards a goal.  A full table. A table full of cuffs and bags and other pretty things.  I've started an experiment into home-wares too! There's been sneak peeks, if you've been paying attention. ;)

All the iamarket show info is here at It's on May 5th and I can't wait! 

The Snug show will start around 2 that Sunday.

Busy busy busy!  I love it!


  1. Congratulations Cat!! You will do great!

  2. Well, of course you were accepted. Your work is stunning. Yeah, you.

  3. Love love love the latest! You are so stinking talented. I still need to come get the blue bag!

  4. Thanks for all the love, dears! I can't wait!

    Tammi- Blue bag is still here ;)