Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm afraid it is nearly summer here.  I much prefer the cooler seasons, and if it weren't for the pollen, would heartily enjoy the spring. But I stood still and started to sweat this evening. Humidity's enveloping blanket can't be far off now... It is time for a summer haircut, hopefully next week.  Fingers crossed for a shaggy, longish pixie cut. 

It is time for crisp, dry hard ciders and drinks with plenty  of ice. For skirts, sunscreen, dresses, sunglasses, sandals, and more ice. It is good to live in a place with four distinct seasons, though the transitions may be subtle, once we're there, we're here. 

I am listening to Wanda Jackson's newest album, The Party Ain't Over. I had the enormous honor of seeing her play this Saturday, and Man O' Pete, can she ROCK. I believe, in all fullness that she is indeed the Queen of Rock, do yourself a favor, check her out. She will be an integral part of my summer soundtrack (and beyond) for sure. If you've been searching for the female answer to Rock n' Roll, look no further. I've found my used-record-search muse.

These necklaces will trickle slowly into the shop... let me know if one belongs to you, I'll be happy to answer questions and reserve a piece!

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